From Catwalk to Room: Animal Print

Interiors / August 13, 2018

Bedspread by Urban Outfitters

It’s no secret that interiors take it’s cue from the runway, and if like me you’re a animal print fiend, you’ll be happy to note that, this season, it’s not just regulated to our wardrobes. With a full Noah’s ark of prints to choose from, the interiors world has borrowed nature’s pattern of zebra, leopard and cheetah. The perennial prints roars new life into the world of interiors, adding a heady dose of glamour to any room. Sophisticated rather than tacky, animal prints are supplied in soft shades and tranquil tones that can be easily mixed and matched into your space.

With sage being the new neutral of the year, the muted green colour would lend it self beautifully to the wild print, as does mustard and olive tones. Soft shades of pastels like dusty pink temper the fierce print, making it ideal for a bedroom situation, while gorgeous gold accents will add a luxe edge.

Leopard print towels from H&M

But you don’t have to keep the print light and bright, dark navy and teal hues work just as well as softer shades.

Pattern play, just like in your wardrobe, works with leopard in your home, so if you prefer a more maximalist vibe to your home, clash it up with florals or other tropical prints.

Animal prints work best in the form of accents. So if you-in-your-face prints are out of character for your space but want to give it a whirl, just like adding a well chosen bag or shoe to add a little pzazz to your outfit, adding some throw pillows on your couch/bed will have the same effect.