Cocktail Hour

Interiors / May 4, 2020

If there is one silver lining to come out of the pandemic, I’ve come a dab hand at whipping up a margarita. Luckily, I have all the tools to ensure the best results, having invested in a fancy bar cart, that if I’m honest, was more style over function.

I even bought a elegant-looking bar kit that in gilded gold that just sat and looked pretty, and gathered a lot of dust rather than being put to use. But since isolation my bar cart has never been so in demand.

From my cocktail shaker to my jigger, don’t worry I didn’t know what a jigger was before hand either, but it’s basically the fancy term for your liquid measurer. Nothing is a pleasing than crafting a cocktail from scratch, especially when you’ve all the bar tools and glassware to ensure the best tasting and looking results.

Bar cart, €269, M&S

Obviously, a great place to start is the drinks trolley or bar cart, not essential but you can see the enduring appeal of the retro piece of furniture as bar carts not only serve as a stylish addition, but offer a elegant storage solution. Oliver Bonas, M&S, Urban Outfitters and John Lewis all stock trolleys at different price points.

If you’re the mood to amp up your cocktail making skills and presentation, then I’ve rounded up some of my favourite accessories so you can get the fancy-cocktail-bar look at home.

Scroll down for more bar carts and sweet accessories to deck it out in: