The best statment blouses to buy now

Fashion / March 29, 2021

In my weekly Insta q&a’s, I was asked for some statement blouse and top recommendations to inject some personality. Instead of just sharing a few suggestions on my stories, I knew I could do a whole post on them, there’s that many around. Now, I l never one to shy away from a statement blouse, even way before the Zoom era, but 2020 was really the year the statement blouse came into its own.

Before, there was such dominance in the fashion world of printed midi dresses or patterned satin skirts that blouses or shirts were mainly just a styling component rather than the show’s star. But now, the statement blouse has become a wardrobe staple, and luckily, there are blouses/shirts/tops aplenty to satisfy my style quench all across the high street.

The great thing about a fancy, fun top is that you can still keep it comfy below if you have to go on a said screen. Just allow the top to bring some pizazz via a puffed sleeve, a supersized collar, blinding hue or pop print, or a blouse that combines all – the dream.

If you’re sick of your sweatshirts, want a little fun and frills in your wardrobe, and planning what to wear in a pre-pandemic world, then you can’t go wrong with a statement blouse. Shop my edit below that will work for Zoom and beyond.