Short Story

Fashion / May 29, 2020

Shorts, €19.99, Zara

It’s hot out there, and while I love nothing better than getting my sun on, bare-leg weather means the silent suffering of sticky leg-to-chair syndrome and sweaty upper thigh chafing situations. While some people suffer through it, ouch, others turn to Spanx or even deodorant for anti-chafe solutions, but there’s a stylish and straightforward option available – shorts.

An elegant and functional alternative to skirts, especially when sudden gusts of wind are involved. Forget thoughts of bicycle-short clad Kardashians or distressed denim cutoffs with too much under-bum, instead, shorts have evolved from skin-tight-too-short to grown-up longer and structured pairs.

On the runway, every sort of short style was represented to distressed denim at Isabel Marant, Bermuda leathers at Bottega Veneta, and bite-sized bottoms at Saint Laurent and Chanel.

Shorts, €1880, Bottega Veneta, Brown Thomas

If micro-styles aren’t for you and you want to pull off shorts in real life, then a long line tailored pair will be an elegant option. Longer, looser styles will also resolve any issues around the dreaded thigh-chafe, providing a barrier between rubbing thighs, something that will be a godsend when temperatures are high.

Shorts, €29.95, Zara

When it comes to length, it’s of course, totally up to you. A good marker though for knowing how short or long to go you’d like to go is to examine how short you would go for in a skirt. If you’re not into mini skirts, then you’re probably not gonna rock a micro-short.

And while the abbreviated style might seem really intimidating to style up,  you should just try to remember to treat them as you would, say a midi skirt or pencil skirt, so try a crisp T-shirt, silky blouse or fine knit. You could totally throw on a blazer smartening up the shorts for either the office or an occasion when we return to either.

When it comes to shoes, this is where a lot of women struggle, handy to remember when selecting your shoe choice is the shorter the shorts, the lower the heel. So block heels, espadrilles, kitten heels, chunky sporty sandals, trainers, or mules are handy to have on rotation.

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