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Hands Free

January 4, 2016

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If 2015 was the year of the grown-up back-pack then 2016 is the year of the bum bag, yes you heard me right – the bum bag. But this ain’t any old tatty canvas bum bag, oh no, the fash-pack have given it an altogether luxe makeover and fancy new name. Say hello to the belt bag…


Now before you laugh, you got to admit there is plenty of functional appeal, like giving your hands/shoulder/arms a break from heavy oversized handbags and your hands are free to can carry even more shopping bags, you can stroll ever so cool down the road with your hands in pockets or you can do a double wave and do so many other things you otherwise couldn’t do by carrying a bag. Am I selling it to you yet? No, right, ok. You do certainly need a lot of swag to carry this off to not be mistaken for a confused tourist with their money belt on show.

And if you think about it they’re pretty wearable, don’t believe me – scroll down below and see how many different ways you can wear them no matter your sartorial preference – over a maxi dress, with a pleated midi skirt, jumpsuit, leather trousers, and so on.



But if you’re going to invest in this trend for 2016 and make it work with all of the clothes listed above it’s got to be luxe, sleek, suede or leather, and a sophisticated structured style, no polyester neon zipper bum bags need apply. It’s got to look like it’s for every day and not just for hitting up a festival. Do you think you’d ever give the belt bag a whirl? Shop the post below and see some more street style inspo that might have your rethinking this whole bum-bag/fanny-pack/belt bag situation…



Elisa Nalin at Chanel FW2014





Shop the post below…

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