33 of the prettiest spring dresses to make everyday dress up day

Fashion / March 26, 2020

While loungewear is my go-to, stretchy pants are my new BFFs, it’s also nice to branch out in to normal clothes once in a while. You see, during these uncertain times, it’s also nice to go have a shower, put on a bra, and do your makeup, it does wonders, I swear.

It might not seem like the right time to splash out on spring dress right now, but peeling yourself out of your sweatpants, brushing your hair, and putting on a power print midi dress can do wonders for your morale, even if its just to sit on the couch. Plus, if you’re WFH, getting dressed in anything but loungewear will totally up your productivity.

Dress, €49.95, Zara

In these uncertain times putting a bit of normality, like getting dressed like normal, puts a little routine back into your day, and helps spread a little joy, and I think we can all get onboard that.

Dress, €59.95, Zara

Thankfully, the high-street are working away, dropping some jolly, joy-inducing midi dresses in bold colourful shades or vibrant prints,. So, I’ve down the hard work and here are some of my favourite prettiest spring dresses to make everyday dress-up day: